Re-homing a Pet

If you find it necessary to re-home a pet, here are some steps you can take.

Place an ad in
area newspapers
Print a flyer with a photo of the pet and your contact information.  Tell a little about the pet and her personality.  Most veterinary clinics will let you post a flyer, as will many retail establishments.
Talk to friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Carry a couple of flyers with you so you can give one to anybody who expresses interest.
You can screen potential adopters by asking about their previous and current pets, where the pet will be living, whether they have a veterinarian and similar questions.
Consider asking for a modest adoption fee.  People who are willing to pay something for a pet are more likely to be serious about caring for it.
Post to pet-oriented social media and other web sites.
Contact area shelters.  If they are not currently taking in animals, ask to be put on a waiting list.

To report animal cruelty or neglect in Whiteside County, contact Whiteside County Animal Control (815.625.3507).


Stray Pets

What to Do if You Find a Stray Pet
Tips for Finding a Home for a Pet

Rehoming a dog or cat

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Adopting a new dog comes with a lot of change for both dog and dog parent.  Petfinder has compiled a checklist to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Easy-to-remember  tips for pet parents for keeping pets safe in summer.

Wildlife Nuisance Issues

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Wild Neighbors

Area Animal Shelters

Happy Tails Humane Society
Granny Rose Animal Shelter, Dixon, IL
Friends Forever Humane Society, Freeport, IL
Heartland Pet Welfare, Savanna, IL
Safehouse Animal Rescue League, Mendota, IL
PAWS Humane Society, Rockford, IL

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

​Happy Tails HumaneSociety 
Animal Birth Control (ABC), Clinton, IA

Animal Birth Control (Facebook), Clinton IA
Whiteside County Animal Control For those eligible for the Food Stamp Program or the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Program.

Lost/Found Pet Entry Portal

A free service for helping reunite pets with their owners. 
Helping Lost Pets 

Pet Behavior Questions?

Check out the Virtual Pet Behaviorist, the ASPCA's interactive online behavior library.  The site provides over 150 easy-to-access, downloadable articles on training, behavior modification, enrichment, and husbandry for dogs, cats, and horses.