Charity Care

With continued community support. Our non-profit Wellness Clinic can offer reduced fees from our Clinic list prices. This program is dependent on available funds. To be considered for Charity Care. Please call or text 815-626-2994.

TNR is happening in Whiteside County and it works. A science based and humane approach to managing community cat populations. If you know of someone or a neighborhood that could benefit from TNR. Please contact Whiteside County Animal Control. 815-625-3507.
If you would like to fund a TNR project in your area. Call Happy Tails Wellness Clinic 815-626-2994 for more information.
Cats will be ear tipped, microchip, and spay or neutered before being released.

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Microchip Registry

Residents of Whiteside County can now be reunited with their pets quickly and easily, at no cost, through our Microchip Safety Net Program.  Lost pets can be traced back to their owners quickly if the pet is mircochipped and the information is readily available.  Not all pet owners keep their pet's information updated, however, and that can lead to delays or to the pet not being returned to the owner.  Under our program, we offer a free registry to owners residing in Whiteside County.  Some microchip companies charge a fee for updating information, but pets may be registered with Happy Tails free of charge, and there is no fee for updates.

Register in person at the shelter, by phone, or by downloading the
Microchip Safety Net Program form and sending it to us.

Happy Tails Wellness Clinic
Call or text for an appointment.


Our Wellness Clinic provides low-cost preventive veterinary services to help pets stay healthy and remain in their homes with the people who love them.  Services include vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter.  Click the blue button for more information. 

Pet Food Pantry

(Please see updates on COVID-19 operational changes.)

Under our Pets for Life Program we operate a pet food pantry to help families in need keep their animals.  If we have excess food stock nearing expiration, we share it through the Food Pantry.  The Food Pantry is open the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month during shelter hours (8:00 a.m. to noon, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.).  A photo ID is required.  Questions?  Call the Adoption Center at 815.626.2994.

Pets for Life Community Outreach Program

Pets for Life reaches out into the community to help animals stay in their loving homes and live healthy lives.