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The answer my friend is not blowin' in the wind. It's at Happy Tails. I'm Dylan and I'm the answer to all your dreams. I'm a five year old Domestic Short Hair male kitty with more love than you'll need, but I'll give you the extra anyway. I love to snuggle and I promise to be exactly what you need. Visit me at HT on Mc Neil Rd. Just ask, and the helpful staff will show you to my room.

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Wellness Clinic Now Open Two Days Per Week

New!  Reduced fees for spay and neuter

Our low-cost Wellness Clinic is now open on Mondays and Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. More information.


State Finds No Animal Welfare Violations at Happy Tails

Following allegations raised by Advanced Animal Health Center in Rock Falls, the Illinois Department of Agriculture inspected Happy Tails Humane Society in late October and found no violations of the Animal Welfare Act.  Department of Agriculture inspector Ron Settles found all animals to be “healthy and happy” and the facility to be in good sanitary condition. 

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It's a Miracle (Or, A Happy Happy Tails Story)

If you have ever owned more than one dog, the idea that every dog is special is not a new. It's something that is rediscovered with each new dog. The 'things' that make a dog special are usually unique and not something you would ever think to look for.

For some years I have been a major league dog person. I have had a few smaller dogs, that acted as if they thought they were huge. My Lab and Golden Retrievers loved the outdoors and thoroughly enjoyed our twenty-five acre farm. They were allowed to run and play with our watchful eye on them. The two smaller dogs did exactly the same. They hunted anything that they felt wouldn't put up too much of a fight, and actually they could hold their own with any of my larger dogs.

The same can't be said of our new dog. Miracle is a Chihuahua mix and she weighs in at about twenty pounds. Her coat is brindled and she has the appearance of a hyena. She comes off at first appearance as very mean, but you soon realize she is very frightened of most people.

My first encounter with her was on the day I unloaded her from the transport that brought her to Happy Tails from a kill shelter. I have not seen a dog that frightened in the entire time I have been at our shelter. We had to open her crate and shake it to get her to run out. She ran to the back of the kennel and growled at me as if I was about to be ripped to shreads if I didn't back off.

She was better with the women at the shelter but eventually she allowed me to be in the same room with her. I learned to handle her by letting her come to me (and giving her hot dogs). Over time she came to trust me and look forward to spending time with me in the office. Our 'office time' was an attempt to socialize her and eradicate the bad behavior. Good luck with that. Anyone wishing to be in Miracle's world must go through a hazing just like I did. As one of my fellow board members at the shelter stated when he came into the office and Miracle came over to be petted, "I have arrived!"

Miracle's fear and 'issues' are a direct result of the abuse she suffered at someone's hands. Some pet owners fail to understand that it isn't the dog you should worry about training when you take it home. It is most assuredly the humans in the house. Consistent routines and kindness will train most dogs, and for that matter, people, to behave in the desired acceptable, manner. At the shelter we tell anyone who will listen, "Don't yell and don't hit."

Pets enrich our lives and have a truly calming effect on their owners if they are trained and treated correctly. When my friends first see Miracle, they say, "It's a miracle this dog got adopted." If Miracle can make it from a kill shelter into a loving home, any dog deemed safe for adoption can do the same. All they require is you. Come see us at Happy Tails Animal Shelter in Rock Falls on McNeil Road. Our goal is to put the right pet in the right home! 

To report animal cruelty/neglect in Whiteside County, contact Animal Control (815.625.3507).

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Happy Tails is a limited-intake, no-kill facility that shelters and cares for stray and abandoned dogs and cats until they are adopted into loving, permanent homes.  We promote pet adoption and humane education.  Happy Tails is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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​​We follow practices and guidelines established by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV).  We are a member of theSociety of Animal Welfare Administrators(SAWA), theHumane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and theIllinois Animal Welfare Federation(IAWF).

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