Standard Price                                                                     Monthly Discount Price

Canine Services

Feline Services

Vaccine Express Visit


Vaccine Express Visit$10
Medical Exam$20
     Medical Exam$20
1 Year Rabies Vaccine$12

1 Year Rabies Vaccine$12
3 Year Rabies Vaccine$17

3 Year Rabies Vaccine$17
Distemper/Parvo Vaccine$12

FVRCP Vaccine$12
Bordetella Vaccine$12

Feline Leukemia Vaccine$12
Leptospirosis Vaccine$12

FIV/FELV Test$25
Lyme Disease Vaccine$20

Heartworm Test$25$20

Spay(All Shots Required)

0-25 lb$200

26-50 lb$250

Pups under 6 months and under 40Lbs get 50% OFF

Neuter (All Shots Required) 

Pups under 6 months & under 40lbs get 50% Off

0-25 lb$150

26-50 lb$200

51-75 lb$250

As of March 17 2020, because of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, Happy Tails Thrift Store and shelter will be temporarily closed to the public until Federal, State and local authorities determine we can re-open. Our Adoption Center will be open by appointment only. Happy Tails Wellness Clinic will continue operations to care for the animals in our community. Pet parents must call or text the Clinic for an appointment. 815-626-2994.  


Ethel Jacobs

The family of Ethel Jacobs of Sterling donated her memorial proceeds to Happy Tails. Ethel was life long animal lover. She loved her cats! Happy Tails is very grateful for her generosity and kindness.

Beverly Bellini

The family of Beverly Bellini donated to Happy Tails in her name. She loved dogs and they wanted her memorial to help animals at Happy Tails in any way possible

Kim Hansen

The family and friends of Kim Hansen made a very kind donation in her memory.  Kim was a life long animal lover.  

Open daily 8am-Noon
Thursday Evenings 5pm-7pm

About Us

Happy Tails is a limited-intake, no-kill facility that shelters and cares for stray and abandoned dogs and cats until they are adopted into loving, permanent homes.  We promote pet adoption and humane education.  Happy Tails is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values
Code of Conduct

​​We follow practices and guidelines established by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV).  We are a member of theSociety of Animal Welfare Administrators(SAWA), theHumane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and theIllinois Animal Welfare Federation(IAWF).

Shelter Hours 

Wellness Clinic 

Price List

Call or text for an appointment.


​Adoption Fees

All adoption fees include Spay or Neuter, Rabies Vaccine, Dapp Vaccine or FVRCP Vaccine, Intratrac Vaccine, Heartworm test, Flea Meds, Heartworm Meds, AND 30 FREE DAYS OF ROUTINE MEDICAL VISITS.

The Value of medical is over 350.00 - Saving A Life Is Priceless 

(In some cases this list might very with a animal)

Dogs - $200
Dogs That Have Been In Shelter Longer Than 90 Days Are Half Off

Puppies - $250 (6 months and younger)
3 FREE Months of Routine Medical At HT Vet

Senior Dogs 7 Plus $75.00

Pits & Large Breed Hounds $75.00

Cats - $25 (seniors), $65 (adult cats)

Kittens - $80 (kittens 6 months and under)