Business Friends

Donate Monthly
We have a giving program called "Let It Grow." This program encourages businesses to give monthly to the shelter through electronic funds transfer (EFT).  As donations hit various giving levels, we inscribe an item with your business name (or any inscription you wish) and place it on our giving tree in the commons area of the shelter. Click here for more information.

Sponsor a Fundraiser
 We host several major fundraising events throughout the year.  Through sponsorship, we offer different levels of business branding at our events. For more information please call the Adoption Center.  

Sponsor an Adoption Event

 Would you like to increase customer traffic?  Give your brand awareness? Sponsor an adoption event.  You choose the level of funding to sponsor animal adoption fees.  We do the rest.  From staffing it and supplying the animals to setup and takedown—we do it all.  The event is also marketed and co-branded with your business in local media and social media.   Call the Adoption Center for more information.